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AK-48 (Hybrid)


Indica Dominant Hybrid AK-48 is just a shade heavier than its semi-automatic predecessor, offering an uplifting, cognitive boost while relaxing the body. Don’t expect to be sleepy, but don’t make plans to do any math.

AK-48 is a strain that mixes Colombian Gold, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani genetics. It typically provides uplifting and euphoric effects. This strain is known for its dense buds, fast flowering cycle, and exceptional aroma.

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AK-48 may be close in name to the highly prized AK-47, but the similarities are mostly name-deep. These strains descend from different parents, different breeders, and different DNA. AK-47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid. AK-48, on the other hand, is indica-heavy (sativa/indica ratio of roughly 35:65), though some reports claim it leans more toward its sativa genes. AK-47 and AK-48 do share one thing: They’re both known to be very potent, with top THC levels of roughly 20% in each case.

AK-48 is the offspring of Jock Horror and Ice, and its genes deliver a calming body buzz and clear-headed cerebral effects. Use this strain to treat anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and chronic pain. Expect limited side effects, with dry mouth being the most common; dry eyes, paranoia, and headaches are also reported.

This strain tastes and smells like a sweet, tropical blend blueberries, mangos, and pineapples. The bud is a mix of light and dark green with light brown strands and a silvery dusting of trichomes.


The indica-dominant hybrid AK-48 is a cannabis strain that produces a scent and taste reminiscent of a tropical blend of fruits, such as mangoes, pineapple, and even blueberry. Its harvest-ready buds are forest green with amber pistils.

AK-48 has been known to reach THC levels as high as 20%. Its high will uplift the spirits and improvemood, simultaneously relaxing both body and mind as bouts of the giggles ensue. A state of euphoriawill overtake the consumer, and symptoms such as stress, depression, pain, and insomnia are allalleviated according to reviewers. This strain can also help with nausea and increase appetite, so expectto have the munchies.

Ill side-effects include paranoia, headache, and dizziness when consuming in higher doses. Dry mouthand eyes are to be expected.

It takes eight weeks for AK-48 to flower and ready for reaping.

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