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Royal Kush Sativa Hybrid Oil Cartridge


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Royal Kush Oil Cartridge

Royal Kush Hybrid

Taste: Earthy & Pungent

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Buy Royal Kush Cannabis strain Online

Royal Kush, In other words  “The King Among Hybrids,” likewise  indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa OR 90% indica/10% sativa). This insanely powerful bud boasts an intense THC level. Buy Royal kush cannabis strain  online .


Royal Kush by G13 Labs is a king among hybrids, delivering powerful trance-like effects with an earthy, skunky aroma.

Consequently this strain  is a cross between staple hybrid Skunk #1 and an Afghani indica landrace. With soothing physical effects and a blissful, dreamy high. This is a variety well suited to mellow nighttime use. According to cannabis testing lab Analytical 360, flowers of Royal Kush have been found to have THC levels of 15% to as much as 25%. Buy Royal kush online.


Mean while this  impressive strain with medium to large flowers that ahdere in elongated, chunky buds. However the buds have the tight and dense bud structure typical of many other indica varieties. Most Importantly th strain  leaves are a vibrant spring green with yellowish pistils threaded throughout. Certain phenotypes also have shades of purple, a color that comes about when anthocyanin pigments in the plant are agitated by unusually cold temperatures during the growing process. In short its the perfect strain for you.

Milky white trichomes cover the outer surfaces and inner crevices of the flowers as a result give the cured buds an extremely sticky resinous texture. Subsequently  that makes them difficult to break up by hand.

It has full-bodied incense aroma of parent strain Afghani, with notes of pine and sandalwood. To clarify underneath these scents is a sour, citrus-like tinge. When combusted, this strain gives off smoke that may seem remarkably smooth for an indica. Therefor on the exhale, users will detect a skunky-sweet taste with a little bit of fruit. In addition, Royal Kush has no discernible grape or berry flavors; the pigments that determine this strain’s purple hues do not have a similar effect on its taste. Like Skunk #1, this is a very pungent variety — smokers should double-bag their bud when transporting it and enjoy it in isolated locations.

Patients treating stress, pain, and nausea can benefit from Royal Kush’s potent relief, but less seasoned consumers should take caution with this hard-hitter. This strain has a unique coverage of white pistil hairs, and growers are recommended an 8 to 13 week flowering time for their indoor Royal Kush plants. Buy Royal kush online

THC Content
Has recorded its highest thc to be 25% or less.
Average Indica…. 12.5%
Royal Kush Highest Test…. 25.0%

Common Usage

Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Absolute Extracts Vapor Cartridge – Royal Kush (Emerald Cup) – Sativa Dominant Hybrid (500mg)
This pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil offers a sweet, mellow and uplifting high making it one of our most regularly recommended vapor cartridge products for social imbibers. This 500mg cartridge is on-par with approximately 1/8 ounce of dried flowers and will last you about as long.

ABX were the first, and are still one of the only vapor cartridge companies we’ve found that offer a beautiful, full spectrum effect rather than the narrow bandwidth experienced from many other products out there. Start with 2-3 small inhales and wait 15 mins.


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